Falling in (Book) Love


That significant other. Someone to curl up with at the end of a long day. The one that makes you feel alive. Gives you hope. Inspires and helps you forget all your worries. If only, for a few hours.

Turns out, I’ve been looking in the wrong places. Read more

Monster Giveaway (+ Review Calls)

I’M GOING THROUGH a Stephen King phase at the moment.

I’ve read Misery, The Shining and Carrie in the last fortnight. Even though I’ve seen the movies for the first two, they really come alive in the text. So much so that its ignited my love for reading again. Read more

How Much Are You Willing To Lose?

How Much Are You Willing To Lose?When I was twenty-four years old I spent a summer travelling down the west coast of the US.

One of my final stops was Las Vegas.

I had never been to Vegas before. I wasn’t much of a gambler, but I had a few days to kill until my flight across to Boston and, having stretched my budget pretty well up until that point, decided to fritter away some money. Read more

The Perfect Storm – Finding Novel Ideas

I’m reluctant to call myself a writer. To be considered a writer in my opinion, you need to have published something therefore I’ll settle for the moniker of blogger for now.

I’m halfway through writing my third novel. I have done very little thus far to promote my own work at least in its current form.

Self-publishing as a route to market appeals to me – the great leveller in the industry where those without the experience, education or network can find their target market in a quicker, more elegant way. However, because the barriers to entry are so low, the market is awash with sub-par, rushed books. Read more

Stephen King’s Top 2 Tips To Becoming A Better Writer

I had hoped to write this post early this morning but I’ve been waylaid in my best made plans.

Today is the day my cast would be removed from my fractured wrist. I’m currently in Buenos Aires, and had planned it so that I could go to an English speaking hospital to have, what I thought, was going to be a fairly straightforward procedure. At least that is what they assured my with the initial surgery in La Paz, Bolivia 4 weeks earlier.

The cast helped contain a fractured and dislocated wrist. Three pins were inserted that look like tent pegs on the subsequent xray. Read more