Heaven’s Lottery (Part 1 of 2)

When you picture the world endin’ it usually don’t have the soundtrack of Johnny Logan playin’. I got nothin’ against the man myself. If a body’s got talent, plough on I says. So long as it’s still giving some enjoyment to other folk.

But you should know when to call it quits. I’m not talkin’ the exact day or the minute. The way I see it, it probably looks somethin’ like this: some innocent throwaway comment – sweetie wrapped ’round a poisonous dart. The look on someone’s face. A wee nervous smile and shyin’ of the eyes. Read more

The Curious Case of the Selfie Stick

Look at me Ma. I'm on Holidays! Selfie Stick
Look at me Ma! I’m on holiday!

I loathe selfies. Ergo, I loathe selfie sticks.

And the word ergo come to think of it.

The selfie stick for me is right up there on my list of hated tech trends somewhere between the bluetooth headset and customised mobile phone ringtones, especially if the phone owner is of adult age.

No exceptions.

Everything about the selfie makes my skin bristle. The pop culture, celebrity endorsed fad that has infected our generation. The instantaneous desire to capture a moment and share it with your Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat/Instagram followers. Everyone’s a superstar in their own clique. Read more

My Year of Living (and Travelling) Without a Mobile Phone

The circumstances that led to the parting with my treasured mobile phone were not premeditated.

If anything it was just good timing. That and the copious amounts of cheap alcohol consumed at an Irish bar in Edinburgh which resulted in yours truly waking up drunk in the middle of the night and pissing in the corner of a hotel room onto the jeans that pocketed the expensive new Samsung Galaxy.

As much as I pleaded with the insurance agency the week after, water damage was not covered in the warranty. The unmistakable stink of piss from its fried battery still pungent to both the agent and I, even after many baby wipe smears. Read more