The Golden Era of Dance Music

Strobe Like You Mean It!

While considering the theme of my next (overdue) blog post I misclicked on a youtube video from 1999 which just so happened to be the year that I began going out to bars and nightclubs armed with a fake I.D.

There’s nothing better to get me out of a funk or bad mood than music. It reminds me of better times. It changes my present moment in a heartbeat. It can take me to experiences, places and memories that had been hidden away for a long time. Read more

The Beauty of a Thick Skin

Nutty Turd AKA ‘The Thing’ from Avengers

THERE WAS a time in my life when I was extremely sensitive.

Around the time a pigtailed Britney Spears burst onto the scene with her ‘Pedo-Pop’ video, I began to pay closer attention to the opposite sex.

I lacked self-confidence in my mid teens like many others in that age group, but at teeny bopper discos or in later life, nightclubs yours truly was typically found lurking in the shadows, as far removed from the action as possible. I was a wallflower. Read more