How To Be Teetotal Abroad (Without Being a Dry Shite)

It’s been eight months since I had me some booze.

I’ve been in Colombia for seven of those eight months. Living in a foreign country, with the many cultural differences, not least language issues, has been difficult. Throw into the mix that I initially didn’t know a soul here and you get the idea of how time can drag. Read more

The Delay of Death

The Delay of DeathAbout a couple times each year I clean up my list of Facebook friends.

Solo travel for nine months in 2013/14 meant that I met a lot of people on the road. Many of these were token adds, promising to meet further on our journey.

This week I decided it was time to streamline my news feed for people I actually consider friends. Read more

Two Year Blogiversary

Today marks the second year anniversary of the creation of my blog.

This is my 144th post and will be one of the shortest.

I would like to say thanks to anyone who has ever reblogged me, been kind enough to leave a comment, or for those who have chosen to follow me. You’ve helped confirm my decision that blogging has been one of the best decisions I could have made for my writing career. Read more

How To Break Your Wrist

APPROACHING EXAM TIME, I figured it might be a good juncture to offer up a ‘How-To‘ article, especially for students suffering burnout and searching for a way out of the annual misery that accompanies end of year school term.

To buy yourself more time to study properly – really properly this time, honest – here is a fail safe guide, designed by a seasoned exam dodger and broken bone specialist. Been there, broke that. Read more