Goodies to Gobble Up

I FEATURE IN two Bookfunnel promos this week.

Basically, the site is a platform to connect readers to new authors.

Readers get a free short story/book. Authors get an email address so they can harass inform readers of future promotions and new releases. Read more

The Anti-Promotional Poster

TODAY I STARTED working on a few images I could share on social media.

After a while, I got bored of fixating on the positives. I know my books aren’t perfect. No book is (except maybe LOTR and War and Peace. Yes, I’m a nerd).

So, I thought, just for shits and giggles, why not share some images of the most damning reviews I’ve received to date for my two novels PATHFINDERS and SIGIL? Read more

What news squire?

Pure sugary delight/evil

FOR THE FIRST TIME in over a year, I’m sick.

Battling a head cold. Really annoying. Since taking daily cold showers, I felt almost invincible.

I guess the Christmas indulgence of booze and my achilles heel – Ferrero Rocher’s – helped accelerate my downfall.

Just gonna have to take a little better care of myself from 2018. Things that I’m planning to focus on include: Read more

Releasing ROT

THIS WEEKEND I launched the first part of what will be a collection of stories which I’ve called ‘ROT’.

It’s a dark comedy short story and has so far gotten really good reviews which I’m delighted about! It sure can feel like an echo chamber sometimes in the indie publishing world, so any feedback is great. Read more