How To Get More Followers – The Theory

I’ve been blogging for around nine months now about a range of different topics. At first they focused on my travels in Central and South America, but there are only so many interesting experiences you can have that would justify writing 1-2k words.

Other areas I’ve written about include Lucid Dreaming, Marathon Training and fun anecdotes that typically involve yours truly embarrassing myself in one way or another.

Secretly I’d love to be a power blogger heavy hitter like Suzie81 who records huge traffic numbers and has a perfect blend of high quality and quantity posts. However, since I started a new job 5 months ago, my blogging activity has slowed down and as a result, posting has been fairly sporadic.

Now I work for a digital marketing company that helps small businesses build their brand, drive new traffic to their website and ultimately convert those visitors into customers. My role is to educate them about Inbound Marketing, a term coined by the founders of Hubspot which is now recognised as a de facto way for companies to promote their business especially in an ultra competitive or niche area where they are clamouring for wider attention.

The funny thing is….

Those exact principles that I’ve been espousing to keen Marketers and Directors of these companies, I have neglected on my own little WordPress site.

The intensive training and education I’ve received as part of my induction coupled with daily interaction with dozens of marketers and their respective websites has given me a keen eye to spot flaws in certain areas that can impact on a websites ability to drive relevant traffic.

I’ve also seen first hand the impact that small tweaks can make on a website as customers have benefited from the adoption of these techniques.

However, it’s always been with a sense of detachment I’ve gone into my own little head space, specifically this blog, busily typing away without focus on the principles I’ve learnt and observed up close and first hand.

So, with that being said I’m going to be more mindful of those techniques and start to incorporate those best practices into my future content. I first alluded to this idea on this post back in September but didn’t really follow through as work life, as it often does, pushed my creative brain to one corner where it sat meekly without interrupting.

I’ll begin to use this blog as a living, breathing example of how to build a bigger follower base starting TODAY 18th January 2015 where I currently sit at 131 blog followers and 126 facebook fans.

In the next series of posts I’ll explain some of the principles I’ve been taught and quick changes that can be made as we begin to build our networks together.

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