5th – Alt Media Novel Ideas
3rd – Heaven’s Lottery (Part 2 of 2)
December 1st – Heaven’s Lottery (Part 1 of 2)
28th – Oh Yeah. That Marketing Thing.
20th – Child’s Play (A Short Story)
November 14th – Sigil is Free. That is all. For Now
26th – Social Maps and Mental Health
October 1st – Shelf-Help, OMAD, Cauliflower Wings and Colombia
September 17th – What are you reading?
August 12th – Fr Regan. I’ve been expecting you…
19th – ROT and the Spin-Off
July 8th – Help! My Spanish Teacher is a Zombie
20th – ‘Quit Lit’ and the Origin of Zombies
5th – Take My Baby
June 4th – Guatemala 😦
May 30th – Looper
April 18th – ROT: The Novel + 4 Year Birthday!
26th – ROT’s a Wrap
20th – Letting Regan off the Leash
10th – Review Team – Recruitment is Open!
7th – Pathfinders is two! Discounted today
March 6th – Shark Tank – Revisiting an Old Friend
24th – Rot 4 – Plaque to the Future
18th – Falling in (Book) Love
17th – The ROT Revolution will not be televised
11th – Monster Giveaway (+ Review Calls)
February 8th – The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat
29th – Raising Lazarus – Launch Day (99c/p)
22nd – We need to talk about Lazarus…
13th – Writing up a Storm
7th – The Best Book Dedications. Ever.
6th – Goodies to Gobble Up
3rd – The Anti-Promotional Poster
January 2nd – Do you feel lucky punk?


31st – What News Squire?
December 10th – Ramping Up
19th – Releasing ROT
9th – More Free Stuff + Updates
6th – The Review Team
November 4th – Introducing…The ROT Collection
25th – No Tricks. Just Treats.
October 2nd – Changing Covers – The Stubborn Version
September 18th – Puking on the Page
August 21st – A Short Story Feast (plus a novel treat)
July 30th – Back in the Groove
June 19th – Deflecting/Accepting Criticism
12th – The Struggle is the Juggle
April 3rd – A Life Less Ordinary
March 19th – Cold Exposure Therapy – Escaping the Comfort Zone
January 8th – The Short Story Bonanza


December 28th – Kindles, Cats and Cold Showers
November 24th – Competition Time: Brand-Spanking New Kindle eReader
22nd – Unleashing Your Inner Author – A Short Story Promotion
16th – A Gluttonous Feast of Free Books
1st – The 6 Unforeseen Benefits of Having a Blog
October 25th – Judging a book by its cover
13th – Instafreebie…ermm…freebie, plus another Giveaway
September 22nd – Link Love – Sneak Peeks
5th – Inverting Bad Reviews
August 31st – 6 Months In: How Many Books Have I Sold?
25th – Big, Scary Goals
22nd – My (First) Experiment With 3rd Party Author Promotional Sites
11th – Episode 8 of #Reid2Write – Romance Author Liz Durano
July 27th – How To Hit Top Spot On The Amazon Bestseller List
25th – Sigil – Available on Kindle for free
13th – What the Funk?!
1st  – Interviews and Inspiration
June 28th – Featured Author Spot – Liz Madrid
23rd – Book 2 – Sigil – Released Today (plus Pathfinders promotion)
22nd – How Much Are You Willing To Lose?
18th – Spectrum – A Short Story – Released Today
14th – An Unorthodox Guide To Sparking Your Creative Juices – Rachel Poli
11th – Book #2 – The Grand Cover Reveal For Sigil
10th – A Free Short Story, Subscriptions and Ch-Ch-Changes
1st – Episode 7 of #Reid2Write – Chris Jensen (Toad) talks Drug Addiction and Living on the Streets
May 26th – How To Kill Someone (and get away with it)
22nd – J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Book Review)
20th – Writing Competitions (How’s Your Luck?)
15th – How To Get An Amazon Top Reviewer To Review Your Book
9th – Pathfinders (update) and Book 2 – Sigil – Release Date
6th – How To Be Teetotal Abroad (Without Being a Dry Shite)
3rd – Book Goodies Interview
3rd – The Wit and Wisdom of George Carlin
1st – Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman – Good Omens (Book Review)
April 27th – Turning Back Time
25th – The Delay of Death
23rd – Guest Posts and Networking
21st – Bleeding on the Page
20th – Two Year Blogiversary
18th – The Dublin Marathon – A Poem
16th – Stella Gibbons – Cold Comfort Farm (Book Review)
14th – That Difficult Second Book
10th – Dreaming of Lucidity
8th – Donna Tartt – The Secret History (Book Review)
5th – Marketing Tactics for a Debut Novel – Reviewed (Part 2 of 2)
3rd – Marketing Tactics for a Debut Novel – Reviewed (Part 1 of 2)
2nd – Episode 6 of #Reid2Write – Life Coach Alison Cebulla talks Ayahuasca, Orgasmic Meditation and Cold Showers!
March 30th – How To Break Your Wrist
29th – Novel Ideas That Didn’t Make The Cut
28th – Episode 5 of #Reid2Write – Patrick Hyland of The Irish Introvert talks Comfort Zones, Inspiration and Giving up Booze
24th – My Secret Life as a Busker
21st – Joseph Heller – Catch-22 (Book Review)
19th – Cracking the Code of Self-Publishing Success
18th – 25 Amazingly Creative and Thought-Provoking Ads
16th – Books That Choke
8th – Ummm…OK…Now What?
3rd – A Quick and Dirty Guide to Self-Publishing Your First Book
1st – Pathfinders Available Now…For Free
February 26th – Pathfinders (Chapter 1), Goodreads and Mopping Up
22nd – Seed/Birth/Life of a Self-Published Novel
17th – 10 Things I Miss About Ireland
12th – Episode 4 of #Reid2Write – Tric from ‘My Thoughts on a Page’ talks Awards and Blog Tips
11th – How Much Does It Cost To Self-Publish A Book?
8th – Golden Fleece vs Polished Turd (Cover Illustrator Review – Design for Writers)
5th – Episode 3 of #Reid2Write – Richie Allen talks Alternative Media and Waking Up
3rd – Harper Lee – To Kill A Mockingbird (Book Review)
1st – The Top 100 Quotes from the Top 100 Novels (BBC Big Read List – #51-100)
January 29th – Episode 2 of #Reid2Write – Suzie from ‘Suzie81speaks’ talks Networking and Building Traffic
28th – The Top 100 Quotes from the Top 100 Novels (BBC Big Read List – #1-50)
27th – YOU WAKE UP (Choose Your Own Adventure)
24th – 21 Alternative Things You Should Do Before You’re 21
22nd – Episode 1 of #Reid2Write – Catherine Ryan Howard talks Blogging and her Debut Novel
21st – The Good, The Bad and the Edit (Editor Review 2 – Inkwell)
18th – Voices that Nibble on your Soul
15th – 14 Countries, 14 Months Defined in 14 Photos – A Snapshot of Central and South America
14th – The Good, The Bad and the Edit (Editor Review 1 – Bubblecow)
13th – Release of Debut Novel – Pathfinders –
12th – Do I Need An Editor? (A Gollum Conversation)
11th – If At First You Don’t Succeed…(Shhh!)
9th – The Voices Inside My-, Who Said That?


December 24th – Endurance
17th – Jacqueline Wilson – The Story of Tracy Beaker (Book Review)
15th – Bungee Jumping in Lake Taupo, New Zealand
14th – Patrick Süskind – Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (Book Review)
10th – Spanglish – An Eejit Abroad
7th – 100 Days of Sobriety
November 21st – George Orwell – Animal Farm (Book Review)
20th – Reading for Writing
19th – Why Dating is like Solitaire
16th – John Steinbeck – Of Mice and Men (Book Review)
15th – Louis Sachar – Holes (Book Review)
13th – Strength Training for a Broken Wrist
11th – Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Love in the Time of Cholera (Book Review)
9th – Inverting Winter and Future Projects
7th – Wrist Bubbles, Glitter Cubes and Human Lie Detectors
6th – Rating and Dating an Ex(ercise)
October 6th – The Chimp Paradox – Living Your Truth
5th – Help. I’m an addict!
September 29th – The Joy of Solo Travel
10th – The Curious Case of the Selfie Stick
4th – Stargazing in Chile
August 25th – Visiting the Driest Desert on Earth
12th – The Danger of Losing Novel Threads
11th – Reality Bites
July 21st – Medellin, Colombia – The Love Affair Continues
1st – Itchy Feet – Colombia Bound
June 25th – Being vs Becoming a (insert dream job here)
April 19th – Throwing Shapes and Losing Mates at Glastonbury Festival
13th – How to Read a Book
March 3rd – Questioning the Norm
February 25th – 10 Lessons I Learnt From Starting My Own Business
24th – Puke Free Since ’03 – An ode to my Kevin Costner
14th – Spanish Salsa Boxing and the fight against Apathy
7th – Energy Medicine – An Evening with Donna Eden
6th – Backpacking on a Budget – 10 Cost-Cutting Essentials
1st – Equipping a Sober Shield
January 26th – Ayahuasca Retreat Centres
25th – Skydiving in Ireland
23rd – How To Get More Followers – In Practice (Part 3 of 3)
22nd – Backpacking in your 30s – Is it too late?
21st – How To Get More Followers – In Practice (Part 2 of 3)
20th – Cali Men and Medellin Women
19th – How To Get More Followers – In Practice (Part 1 of 3)
18th – Remembering BBC’s ‘The Big Read’
18th – How To Get More Followers – The Theory
17th – The Golden Era of Dance Music
16th – How to Cure a Hangover


December 30th – Why Dating is like Minesweeper
29th – The Perfect Storm – Finding Novel Ideas
23rd – Dry January – Not another Detox!
22nd – A Guide to Being a Single Man in their 30’s
8th – Black Jack
5th – Childhood Love Potions
November 10th – Searching for NOW
5th – Salar de Uyuni
October 31st – NaNoWriMo Countdown
29th – Hiatus Over
September 5th – Generating Traffic – An Experiment with Inbound Marketing
August 24th – Swimming with Sharks
21st – The Beauty of a Thick Skin
19th – The Mind Medicine Room
16th – Changing Careers
15th – Space Diving in Honduras
14th – Blogging for Money
7th – 10 Highlights of Travelling in Central and South America
4th – Luging Control in Rotorua, New Zealand
2nd – Straight and Sober in a Gay Bar
July 30th – Lucid Dream Travelling with Pamela Anderson
28th – One Hundred Push-Up Challenge
26th – The Night I Faced an Ecuadorian Firing Squad
20th – 10 Life Lessons From a 10 Year Old – Rediscovering My Childhood Diary
16th – Learning Spanish in Guatemala
14th – Mountain Biking ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Road’
10th – A Volcanic Adventure
8th – Swapping Snickers for Sneakers – Marathon Training for Virgin Runners
1st – What Dolly Parton Taught Me About Traditional Publishing
June 23rd – How I lost 12lbs in 12 Weeks in 12 Steps (Without Trying)
16th – Hello there Mr. Diarrhea Pill!
13th – A Gringo in Brazil – First Impressions of the World Cup
9th – Pipeline – What I’m Working On
7th – The Shanghai Tea Scam
4th – My Year of Living (and Travelling) Without a Mobile Phone
2nd – The 10 Uncomfortable Truths of Travelling in Central + South America
May 31st – Millennium Eve
27th – The ‘Follow Me – Follow You’ Blog Chirade (and why it’s counter productive)
26th – The Blog that Broke the Internet’s Back (or do we REALLY need another blog?)
24th – Endless Love
24th – The Travel Bug Bites Back
19th – The Journey
14th – Travel and Characters
6th – Stephen King’s Top 2 Tips To Becoming A Better Writer
April 28th – Writing Targets + Wordcount
21st – Losing Excuses, Finding Time
20th – Something New