YOU WAKE UP (Choose Your Own Adventure)

2689790796_0b95052a81_zA bright light stings your eyes. You shield it with your palm and sit up, dazed and look around the strange room.

Surrounded by white walls, there are no doors or windows. On a small table in front of you, there is a box which appears to be locked.

High in the upper corner, you see a ventilator duct. In the opposite corner, there is a CCTV camera peering down at you.

There is a sudden noise from behind. Turning, you see a man lying on the ground, bloodied and face down. In his open hand is a key.

Do you…

…go back to sleep and decide that it’s all a bad dream?
…go to the man and see if he’s alright?
…take the key from the man’s hand and try the box?
…freak out and start screaming for help?

pathfinders chapter 1

image credit flickr creative commons

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