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IS IT JUST ME or do hangovers get worse as you get older?

I had a murderous one from last Saturday, and I swear, it’s only today (Thursday) that I feel 100% again. ‘Spose if you do the crime, you gotta do the time.

My writing efforts took a hit as a result. Back on the horse now though, ramping up for a busy end of year. Read more

The Review Team

I’VE BEEN BLOGGING since February 2014 with one primary motivator:

Use it as a platform to promote my books.

Almost four years on, I now feel like I have enough followers/subscribers to try something a little different. So, I’ve created a ‘Review Team‘ group. Read more

Introducing…The ROT Collection

WHILE I WAIT for my editor to provide feedback on my third novel (Raising Lazarus), I decided to work on a little side project.

This will be my third short story. I had a lot of fun with this one! It is Part 1 of what will be a collection of dark short stories which I’ve entitled – ‘The Rot Collection‘. Read more

No Tricks. Just Treats

For the past two weeks I’ve been working myself into a frenzy, cleaning up the manuscript for my third book, Raising Lazarus.

Now, it’s in the capable hands of my editor (please be gentle, Gary!), so for the next few weeks I’m going to be working on a couple of short stories. Read more

Changing Covers – The Stubborn Version

EIGHTEEN MONTHS AGO, I released my first creation to the wild.

Pathfinders is a supernatural thriller with a sprinkling of science fiction. Panning two worlds, it explores this reality and the dream world through the phenomena of ‘Lucid Dreaming’, popularized most recently with the movie Inception. Read more