Episode 9 of #Reid2Write – Irish Author Jamie Stewart

IT’S BEEN A WHILE since I did one of these.

Almost two years in fact. In the #Reid2Write series I interview people with an interesting opinion, an original voice and sometimes as in the case of my next guest, a compelling story that I’d like to shine a light on. Read more

Episode 8 of #Reid2Write – Romance Author Liz Durano

liz madrid duranoI had the pleasure this week to interview someone I’ve admired from afar since discovering her blog earlier in the year.

Author of romance and ‘chick-lit’ novels, the next guest of my #Reid2Write series is very open about her own writing process and the lovely task that us indie authors struggle with – carving out a niche and finding our target market. Read more

Interviews and Inspiration

To coincide with the release of my second book, Sigil – a thriller based in Ireland, I decided to contact several local newspapers to tell my story.

Two weeks ago, while still in Colombia, I spoke with a couple of reporters who decided to run with the story, taking the ‘Local Boy Done Good‘ angle. Read more

Featured Author Spot – Liz Madrid

Colombian Rainforest Solo Travel
Gazing out at Colombian Rainforest

I’m back in Ireland!

I didn’t publicise my return on my blog or social feeds because I wanted to surprise my mother, who hadn’t seen me for the best part of a year.

She has been one of my biggest supporters since I starting spitting out novels. She’s also been pushing my books at anyone that steps into our house.

Those Jehovah’s witnesses won’t be back in a hurry! Read more

Episode 7 of #Reid2Write – Chris Jensen (Toad) talks Drug Addiction and Living on the Streets

chris-jensen-2Every blogger has different yardsticks to measure their degree of success.

Some have a finger on the pulse to measure likes and comments which dictate their future content.

Others, like the next guest of #Reid2Write, simply use their site as a platform to jot down their creative thoughts. Read more