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**AUTHORS – This is still a work in progress and will be cleaned up closer to the giveaway date on August 17th. Don’t panic if your book doesn’t appear yet. It will.**

A selection of short stories to download instantly, ABSOLUTELY FREE (for a limited time only).


BLACKOUT THEIRONMAIDEN aring.mystIndian.Myst onemiss.myst scream.mysteasy.myst thestraw.myst




adrift.horr curf.horror thehunt.horror


just.young connor.ya


HUMANITY THECOST THELASTDOCpara.scifi gangs.scifi lass.scififinal.scifi poor.sci dislo.scifibottled.scifi tower.sci compendium.scifithat.scifi.jpg time.scifi


FATEOFTHE ANASSASSINS null.fantfeel.fant mothers.fant necro.fanttherul.fant blaze.fant expso.fantno.option.fant justice.fant brom.fantmagic.fant amatter.fant frag.fanttraveller.fant thedoc.fant cold.fantafairy.fant winter.fant theimposs.fantmurder.fant shadows.fant




theadv.action hunt.actio


BEWITCHING FELICITY edge.romaplaying.roma tat.roma Luky.Romatanya.roma bill.roma alli.romamusic.roma winter.roma bahama.romacatching.roma cupid.roma allthethings.romathebill.roma office.roma fire.roma

deadly.roma drop.romagently.romasecret.roma tocatch.roma


tresp.erot themyst.erotic baby.erotsexy.erot



spirit.other...urbanfantasyromance spirit.q.urban.fantast.romance thegather.urban.fantasyVIKING nef.erotic.horror saving.paraavon.crime theshadow.para mothers.otherathorne.other blood.other first.otherthehunter.urban




46 thoughts on “Short Story Promo

  • Great job organizing the promo, Aidan! I totally forgot to send mine in with all the craziness of the holidays but I shared it on my FB and Twitter feed. Happy New Year!


      • It’s a great way to network, that’s for sure! I’ve met so many new people through that group it’s mind-boggling. It’s definitely upped my game but taken me off from my usual blogging duties. That and my macbook *hangs* every time I use the new WordPress dashboard to write so I’ve given up a few times.

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      • Yes, but you’ve inspired me to put one together as my schedule permits this year. Great work Aiden! Look forward to reciprocating in the future. Now, back to rebuilding website after getting fully hacked.

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  • Great work Aidan! Appreciate all your help. I’m almost ready with my newsletter and will add this promo with links when I send out. Should be in the next 5-7 days based on getting my book uploaded. Meanwhile I will post LINKS to Twitter, LinkedIn and FB.


  • Hello, Aidan – Stuart Hardwick most kindly added me to your free-gift-booklist. I recently discovered his work – his is a remarkable voice. I look forward to discovering yours, as well. Thank you for organizing the giveaway. –L

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  • Thank you so very much for the wonderful opportunity to read the work of new authors! I love short stories, great for waiting at Drs., pharmacy, etc.. I hope all of you have a blessed New Year full of joy, good health and prosperity!

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  • Thanks for the new author list ! I would’ve like to see maybe a few of Clean Romance and inspirational books too. Have a great 2017

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  • Hello. For me are new many of the names of the authors I choose.

    I’ll try to read as fast as possible and Review, Review, Review.

    Hope many are Indies, I loved what many of them are writing and believe me they’re the ones that are giving air to bookstores & Publishers Houses and many readers notice.


  • Sorry, but just to let you know, I hate InstaFreebie and will no longer download any books through this site. It’s too much hassle, having to convert them via Calibre before they might – just might – show up as books instead of documents in my Kindle library. There are numerous free books being offered directly through Kindle, or through BookFunnel which does a great job of sending them directly to the Kindle phone app as well as the Kindle itself. I’d much rather spend time just reading than messing around converting files, trying to locate files, etc. so whenever I see that a book (or short story) giveaway is via InstaFreebie, I just delete the email and unsubscribe from the author’s mailing list. I realize that InstaFreebie may be a cheaper, easier way for indie authors to get their work out there, but just thought I’d let you know that I may possibly not be the only reader who feels that this platform is just not worth messing with.

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    • Hi Anon Emus – I can’t speak much to your points in relation to technical difficulties with Instafreebie – that would be one for them to address, but it sounds like a lot of hassle and I can understand your frustration. I use Instafreebie simply as a way to find new readers who otherwise wouldn’t know that I exist. Many people who download my short story, for example, won’t necessarily go on to buy one of my books, but as an indie author fighting to get found, I would use as many channels open to me as possible (especially one that is relatively inexpensive). Thanks for your points and taking the time to write a thoughtful message – great feedback.


      • I understand that authors need to get their work out there to the public. I only use instafreebie to find new authors and new stories. I love indie-authors! So much creative stuff! I just join their email lists and pray that they include an alternative to downloading their books such as Bookfunnel (which is awesome by the way). Then I can download and read their books. Authors who don’t include an alternative link I will still follow for a little while but without getting to read their books and really getting to know their work I just end up unsubscribing. I wish I had the money to buy all those books but I just don’t. If I get a sample of an authors work for free and it really blows me away then I will probably buy future releases. So if any authors are reading this Please include a Bookfunnel link so I can actually read your books. Thanks and Happy Writing!


      • I had never heard of Bookfunnel so I will have to research it. Thanks for taking the time to comment Lisa and hope you found a few gems in this short story collection 🙂


  • I use Instafreebie all the time. Works great. Install PocketBooks. I request kindle mobi and it opens in pocketbooks. Thanks for the great variety of books. Just wonderful.

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  • Hello Aidan. First time here. I didn’t see any Christian Inspiring Romance in the short stories. Am I not looking deep enough or maybe there isn’t any?


    • Hi Paul. Thanks for commenting. I was opening it up to all genres, but there seemed to be a lack of Christian fiction. Not sure why that was the case although had there been, I would have included it.


  • Greetings, Aidan!
    I just received your newsletter and came to see what short stories you’ve offered. Seems like a nice, multi-genre selection. I understand all the work that goes into linking so many possibilities. Well done!
    I am also at a loss to understand how one is able to get so much done and published in such a short time, all while posting regular blog updates and keeping up with all the social media.
    I’m working on my very first publication. I’ve gotten a contract with Azoth Khem Publishing for my story “Hell’s Beginning” and open the file every morning before doing anything online. I do good getting 1000 words written or edited per session. I can’t understand how some get more, except that I type very slow.
    I’ll try to keep this page available. Maybe some day, I’ll be able to read more, but for now, my time is consumed trying to finish my own stories.
    I did want to ask; is it possible to reply to your newsletter? Maybe you would be open to some dialogue ‘twixt us that’s not in a comment for everyone to see. I do need as many contacts as possible in the Writing world.
    Keep up the great work! I do look forward to reading some of your work- when I do get the opportunity.


  • Thank you Aidan for these short stories and allowing to get to know new indie writers for me! Thanks to these freebies I’ve got to know a lot of them! I think it’s great!

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  • Forgot to add: I’ve got this huge problem; thanks to instafreebie I’ve got so many books to yet read,many of them series, I don’t have sufficient time to read them all and been unable to post reviews sooner. I feel so bad about it! So please, authors, I beg your pardon for my late reviews and your understanding the issue. You’re all great! Thank you!🙏😊

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  • Thank you so much for the chance to find new authors. I’m a voracious reader and am always happy to leave a review. We haven’t had an income for more than a year so I can only do KU or free books and the library. When I did have a job, I was more than willing to support the authors I enjoyed. I am perfectly willing to use whatever site an author is happiest using when providing me with a free book. I just think it’s amazing so many writers are willing to share their work with those of us who read. I hope 2017 is a fantastic year for each one of you.

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    • Thanks Erin! There are plenty of authors out there that are desperate to be found like readers like you. Voracious readers are few and far between! I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Hopefully you found some interesting reads in the promotion.


  • Thank you, Aidan, for the tremendous number of books to add to my library. I am also one of the ones with a very limited income, and I just got hacked and my bank account was robbed of $1200, so I’m limited to free books! I am a voracious speed reader and a compulsive reader. I haven’t read but two books in the last three days, and I’m starting to itch. Whenever I read a book I review it on Goodreads and on Amazon and as soon as I get comfortable with them, I’ll be reviewing on other sites (FB, Twitter, Pin, etc.) as well. I love finding new authors and telling other readers about how wonderful their book(s) are. There are so many great writers coming up that just need a little experience and exposure and PRESS! You don’t have to say much, but certainly, if you liked the book, you can take five minutes and key in a line on Amazon to say it’s a good book and why? Pay it forward!


    • Absolutely agree with all your points Carolynn, and for indie authors and those trying to build a fanbase, reviews mean the world. Hope you picked up a few fun reads this time around, and thanks for commenting 🙂


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