Fr Regan. I’ve been expecting you…

ALWAYS A PROUD MOMENT seeing a project in print or the first time.

Especially this one. Yage is the sequel to Sigil and sees the Catholic Priest Tom Regan dust off his clerical collar again in a mystery thriller set in Peru.

I’m going to release this one in mid-September and it will be my fifth (!) novel.

How did that happen?! Read more

The Short Story Bonanza

A QUICK POST to alert my blog subscribers to a giveaway currently taking place courtesy of the guys at Instafreebie and hosted on my site (Yay!).

I’ve had an outrageous glut of traffic since the beginning of this giveaway; readers who have already visited the page and grabbed a short story of their choosing. Read more

YOU WAKE UP (Choose Your Own Adventure)

2689790796_0b95052a81_zA bright light stings your eyes. You shield it with your palm and sit up, dazed and look around the strange room.

Surrounded by white walls, there are no doors or windows. On a small table in front of you, there is a box which appears to be locked.

High in the upper corner, you see a ventilator duct. In the opposite corner, there is a CCTV camera peering down at you. Read more

Bungee Jumping in Lake Taupo, New Zealand

ALTHOUGH I’M TERRIFIED of heights, I’ve got a big mouth.

That mouth sometimes gets me into awkward spots.

When I went to New Zealand to visit my brother in 2013, I promised friends and family that I would do a bungee jump, something big bro reminded me of daily while I was there. Read more

Visiting the Driest Desert on Earth

Yours Truly with Indiana Jones

Chile was long overdue.

Missing it on my first foray into South America was unfortunate, but given the size of this land mass, one can be forgiven for not ticking all the countries in a nine month stint.

Besides the Football World Cup in Brazil was more of a draw for me back then. Read more