Do you feel lucky punk?

I’ve teamed up with the guys over at SFFBookBonanza to throw a couple of giveaways your way.

There are two prizes on offer.

  1. a new Kindle e-Reader.
  2. 2 x $100 Amazon Gift card to spend however you like. Hint: My books are perfectly sized to prop up wonky tables.

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Competition Time: Brand-Spanking New Kindle eReader

Many moons ago, on a newsletter far far away, I promised a couple of Kindle eReaders to two of my followers.

I’ve decided to run two competitions – the first of which will be through Facebook, taking place……NOW!

The prize? The new Amazon Kindle eReader (in either black or white). After some thought I’ve decided to open this prize up to all countries. ‘Tis the season to be jolly. Read more

Link Love – Sneak Peeks

Today I feature in an author interview over at ‘The Story Reading Ape’, run by Chris Graham.

I love it when sites offer a platform for authors to connect with a new audience. Lawd knows it’s tough enough to make the breakthrough on your own. It’s a short read and discusses why I decided to down corporate tools and dedicate a large swathe of my time to writing. You can read it here. Read more

Pathfinders (Chapter 1), Goodreads and Mopping Up

I UNDERESTIMATED THIS self-publishing gig.

Writing the damn thing ain’t enough. There’s also the ‘small’ matter of promoting it.

For a guy that spent a decade in sales, selling anything from mobile phones to stationery, from CRM packages to Training Software, you’d think this part would be a breeze.

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Dr. Bandler

BandlerShrieks of excitement erupted from the front rows of the RDS. It spread like wildfire engulfing the other 200 avid spectators, the room beaming delight at a point just beyond the curtain, out of my sight.

The object of their attention stepped onto the stage, acknowledged his adoring fans with a nonchalant shrug, before propping his ample frame onto the solitary chair centre stage.

Is that him?” I asked a spectator to my right. The tears streaming down her face evidently suggested it was.

Welcome,” he boomed through the auditorium, throwing his lank pony-tail over his head. “I am Dr. Richard Bandler.” Read more