The Struggle is the Juggle

THERE WAS A TIME not that long ago where I would wake up between 9 and 10 in the morning, grab my laptop and make the short walk in the blistering heat to the nearby mall.

Passing the smoothie bar to get my daily limonada de coco, I’d arrive at the coffee shop, park myself down in the corner directly under the cool fan and sit in that one spot for many hours until hunger drummed on my belly and said, “Um…buddy?Read more

An Unorthodox Guide to Sparking Your Creative Juices – Rachel Poli

meh.ro5021Today, I feature in a guest post over at the website of Rachel Poli.

Rachel is someone I connected with a couple of months ago. She is very supportive of others in the blogging community, letting guest bloggers, like me, hijack her site and share some off-the-wall thoughts.

In this post, I discuss the creative process. Feel free to jump on over and give her some blog love!

via An Unorthodox Guide to Sparking Your Creative Juices – Rachel Poli

Dreaming of Lucidity

I’M NOT GOING to lie.

Living in Colombia for the past seven months hasn’t been a bed of roses. Socially, it’s been a challenge to meet new people.

I don’t have an office job. I work remotely from home or the nearest cafe. Also, I don’t go to a language school, preferring instead to learn spanish by osmosis – thank you trashy telenovelas. Read more

Seed/Birth/Life of a Self-Published Novel

5022058073_fcc44de8bd_zOUTSIDE MY CLOSE circle of friends, people have reacted with surprise when I mention that I’ve written a book.

After the initial congratulations, I’m often asked what its about and what prompted me to write it.

Both questions are easy to answer. Read more

Being vs Becoming a (insert dream job here)

Image attributed to
Image attributed to

Reading an interesting book at the moment called ‘Shape Shifting‘ by John Perkins.

I was exposed to his work when I listened to a podcast he did recently with Richie Allen on an alternative media platform discussing his former life as an ‘Economic Hit Man‘ working with the American Government to further increase it’s imperial interest in South America and further afield. Highly recommend checking it out here.

The author spent many years working with indigenous tribes and learned valuable insights from shamans and witch doctors at stark contrast to the double life he struggled to upkeep – the wealthy consultant pushing a corporate agenda which would have devastating consequences on nations crippled with debt. Read more