Child’s Play (A Short Story)

In a school yard, a group of kids dressed in uniform were huddled together in a ring, looking over the shoulders of two boys in the centre. They were kneeling, staring at one another from opposite ends of a chalk circle drawn on the ground.

One of the boys – a ruddy bruised face and shiny black hair the colour of beetle skin – slid off his knees and got to his feet.

“How you wanna set them up?” Read more

Wrist Bubbles, Glitter Cubes and Human Lie Detectors

INTERESTING TO SEE NYT Best-selling author Neil Strauss doing the media rounds lately promoting his latest book – ‘The Truth‘.

Strauss is probably best known for infiltrating a secret underground society of ‘pick-up’ or seduction experts and documenting his journey from shy, introverted, unlucky in love geek to the world’s best PUA (pick-up artist) in ‘The Game‘. Read more

Why Dating is like Minesweeper

Classic Minesweeper

One game, as old as time itself. The other, a cult classic in the days when PC was at the forefront of gaming technology.

The original Minesweeper game that came pre-installed on original PC’s in the mid 90’s helped shape my young mind during formative years of secondary school.

In those adolescent years where the internet was still in its infancy, and my fondness for the opposite sex dictated which subjects I studied for GCSE, I found myself somehow enrolled in I.T. Class. Read more