A Life Less Ordinary

RAISED ON A DIET of American self-help books in my teens probably had something to do with my relative weirdness.

Tony Robbins had me believe I could walk through walls. Wayne Dyer convinced me that my limiting thoughts had created the wall. Richard Bandler made me doubt whether the walls even existed. Read more

Turning Back Time

Running Marathon Turn Back TimeI’ve only gone and bloody done it. Signed myself up to a marathon in September. Idiot.

It takes place in Medellin, where I currently live and falls on my birthday weekend. Not a bad idea to carbo load on cake the day before. Read more

Episode 6 of #Reid2Write – Life Coach Alison Cebulla talks Ayahuasca, Orgasmic Meditation and Cold Showers!

check123IT’S FUNNY WHO you meet on your travels. Especially in dorm rooms where the Universe, with its playful sense of humour, brings strangers together from different walks of life.

I met the next guest on my interview series of #reid2write in a hostel in Taganga, Colombia in 2014. She had just been mugged. On top of that she had also just recovered from contracting dengue fever. In summary, she wasn’t in a very happy place!

A typical backpacker conversation followed, hopping across a range of different topics until one caught our mutual interest, namely Neil Strauss and the pick-up industry. Read more

Strength Training for a Broken Wrist

Captains of Crush Grippers18 MONTHS ON from my jaunt down Death Road which ended in a broken and dislocated wrist with three metal pins inserted, I’ve slowly had to rebuild my arm strength again.

Being right-handed and single at the time, well intentioned friends assured me that a subscription to Bangbros would soon whip my wasted forearm back into shape. Read more