Interviews and Inspiration

To coincide with the release of my second book, Sigil – a thriller based in Ireland, I decided to contact several local newspapers to tell my story.

Two weeks ago, while still in Colombia, I spoke with a couple of reporters who decided to run with the story, taking the ‘Local Boy Done Good‘ angle. Read more

My Secret Life as a Busker

Busking Rock Star GigBEFORE ED SHEERAN STOLE my thunder, I was, at least for a month of weekends, the hottest undiscovered talent in the U.K.

My own short lived career was one fraught with difficulty.

Demanding fans pleading for encores into the wee early hours of the night; drunken louts stealing the hard-earned tips I’d bled fingertips to receive; an audience that wanted to hear the tired classics instead of new, original material. Read more

How a Peru Drug Experience Made Me Quit a Life of Partying – My Belfast Telegraph Article

I WROTE AN ARTICLE which featured in the Belfast Telegraph yesterday.

It is Northern Ireland‘s biggest newspaper and according to figures, is read daily by 174,000 people.

Pretty sensational headline, although considering the content, not completely surprising.

Goodbye respectable career! Read more

Puke Free Since ’03 – An ode to my Kevin Costner

Sick Puke VomitWhatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Or so the saying goes.

Although I tried my absolute best to batter my liver with wild concoctions of booze in my late teens.

My jaunts around the world at various times in the past decade have exposed me to cultures that are at odds to my own when it comes to alcohol consumption. What has become abundantly obvious each time has been the stark contrast in attitudes and behaviour to drink in Ireland and the U.K. versus other countries. Read more

The Golden Era of Dance Music

Strobe Like You Mean It!

While considering the theme of my next (overdue) blog post I misclicked on a youtube video from 1999 which just so happened to be the year that I began going out to bars and nightclubs armed with a fake I.D.

There’s nothing better to get me out of a funk or bad mood than music. It reminds me of better times. It changes my present moment in a heartbeat. It can take me to experiences, places and memories that had been hidden away for a long time. Read more