Why Dating is like Solitaire

klondike_01A POST I PUBLISHED at the end of December 2014 has (surprisingly) been my most viewed in 2015 – Why Dating is like Minesweeper.

Following in the same vein I decided to compare the bane of most single people’s lives to another ageless game that dominated my teenage years – Solitaire.

The game came pre-installed with the Reid families first PC (around 1998). The four pillars that were to support my nocturnal gaming marathon sessions were Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts and FreeCell.

I couldn’t make head nor tail of the last two and Minesweeper made me angry (damn mines!), so Solitaire sucked up my gaming hours especially when the Final Fantasy games couldn’t be read because of a hairline scratch.

I was bloody awful at dating back then. I was terrified of women. I’m probably only slightly better now one and a half decades on.

But back then?…Christ. Is it any wonder I got into the ‘Game’ and became a fan-boy for the PUA (Pick-Up Artist) movement bleaching my hair blonde and piercing an eyebrow in the process (‘peacocking’ as it was known in the community).

I wish I had used the skills learned from Solitaire to better educate myself on dating. A dose of reality when it was needed to tame the wild buck in me. Nevertheless, here are the similarities I found between Dating and Solitaire:

  • The game is incredibly frustrating at the start and you’ll endure many empty nights of solo play.
  • The longer you’re in the game, the larger that timer in the centre looms. Tick tock.
  • First impressions count but give it a chance before you bail.
  • Quit when you’re certain there’s no future in it. Activity doesn’t necessarily mean progress. Think ahead!
  • You don’t need a Heart of Gold, or confidence in Spades to win the Game but patience and a willingness to dust yourself down after another Club to the head will help you find the Diamond in the rough.
  • Initially, the cards might look like they stack against you, but everything can change in an instant when you discover the one you’ve been looking for.
  • Some days bring with them bad luck – you won’t have all the Aces, all the time.
  • There is a logic to the game. Follow the rules – they are there to help.
  • Slow and steady, piece by piece paired with a careful strategy and suddenly things will begin to escalate fast and of their own accord until the outcome becomes obvious.
  • Your actions have an impact. Anything otherwise and you’re just kidding yourself (or cheating).
  • Managing and maintaining your suit is crucial to future success.
  • Every encounter is a new chance to start from scratch.
  • Explore all your options before quitting the game, however:
  • Don’t quit too quick. The regrets could stay with you for a long time.

And finally, the most important lesson to be learnt from Solitaire that could be adapted to dating:

  • It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things how many moves you make or how long it takes to make them – when you find the solution, staring you straight in the face, the wait will be worth it.

image attribution iversoftgames.com

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