Alt Media Novel Ideas

I’VE ALWAYS HAD a fascination with the weird and wonderful.

Whether it was the X-files as a teen, ghosts and the paranormal as a young adult, or now – as a dork in his mid-thirties – keen subscriber to alternative media channels like David Icke, Max Igan or Richie Allen.

Whether you believe in what some may label ‘conspiracy theorists’, isn’t the point of this post. With my writer hat firmly in place, I recognise these influencers as a source of wonderful ideas that can provide fodder for short stories and novels.

Many examples litter history – concepts and objects considered outlandish in their day – conceived by imaginative creatives and which have since entered our reality. Talk about thinking outside the box. Read more

Puking on the Page

SOMETIME’S THERE’S NOTHING quite like a good ol’ puke.

Usually, that feeling creeps up on me when I have a throbbing hangover. The urgent need for a release to purge my insides of the toxic booze from the night before.

Thankfully, those days are few and far between. When it does happen though, it feels like the best remedy to batter through a block. Some blocks, however, are harder to remove than others. Read more

An Unorthodox Guide to Sparking Your Creative Juices – Rachel Poli

meh.ro5021Today, I feature in a guest post over at the website of Rachel Poli.

Rachel is someone I connected with a couple of months ago. She is very supportive of others in the blogging community, letting guest bloggers, like me, hijack her site and share some off-the-wall thoughts.

In this post, I discuss the creative process. Feel free to jump on over and give her some blog love!

via An Unorthodox Guide to Sparking Your Creative Juices – Rachel Poli

Writing Competitions (How’s Your Luck?)

14880054656_d28b966781_zYou don’t need to search too hard to discover a range of writing competitions where budding authors can flaunt their literary wares.

Being Irish, I tend to glance every so often at what’s on the competition board of Another site which seems to rank highly is Christopher Fielden’s which showcases short-story competitions from all over the world into one (very long) page. Read more

Book Goodies Interview

Pathfinders NovelI did an Author Interview with the team over at Book Goodies to explain my writing process, routines and inspiration.

Anyone interested in learning more about the inner workings of an eternally optimistic and slightly unstable writer can find my guts spilled in the following link: Read more