Heaven’s Lottery (Part 1 of 2)

When you picture the world endin’ it usually don’t have the soundtrack of Johnny Logan playin’. I got nothin’ against the man myself. If a body’s got talent, plough on I says. So long as it’s still giving some enjoyment to other folk.

But you should know when to call it quits. I’m not talkin’ the exact day or the minute. The way I see it, it probably looks somethin’ like this: some innocent throwaway comment – sweetie wrapped ’round a poisonous dart. The look on someone’s face. A wee nervous smile and shyin’ of the eyes. Read more

Raising Lazarus – Launch Day (99c/p)

My new book Raising Lazarus is available for purchase from today.

That makes three novels in two years. Not quite King-esque, but I do try!

I’m launching the digital version of it at the price of 99c/p. In a few days it will move to the extortionate price of $3.99. How do I sleep at night?! Read more

Pathfinders (update) and Book 2 – Sigil – Release Date

Pathfinders Aidan J ReidShipping paperback books to Colombia for proofreading is pricey.

For that reason, I’ve used a specialist to comb over every physical proof before finally hitting Publish, confirming the latest copy is fit for reader consumption.

Enter, Ma Reid.

Turns out that the most recent paperback copies had crowded text and the margins weren’t set correctly which made my paperback read more like a textbook. You give someone one job to do… Read more

Cracking the Code of Self-Publishing Success

8239759481_444b87b58f_zMY RECENT BLOG posts have focused on the self-publication of my debut novel Pathfinders.

While it’s too early to gauge its success, I’m under no illusion as to the size of the task ahead – namely getting it into the hands and digital readers of interested readers.

Despite a decade of sales experience and my most recent posting as an Inbound Marketing Specialist at Hubspot, I’ve found the rules of the game in self-publishing somewhat paradoxical. Read more